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Over 6 years of testing and proven results all in one bundle package for you. This is the first time this information has been released where it is all in one exclusive bundle where you can literally build a regenerative garden from start to finish, and choose the method either ground level, raised bed or container. Today you get the best of over 6 years of my life, cutting edge methods of how to grow the best nutrient dense food possible.

Course Instructor

Steve Szudera Steve Szudera Instructor

The Ultimate Simple Gardening Bundle


Get total access to all my Ultimate Simple Gardening Videos.

  1. Your First No-Till Garden (8 videos)
  2. Building the Armor Layer (2 videos)
  3. The Ultimate DIY Potting Soil (6 videos)
  4. Raised Bed Media Mix (4 videos)
  5. Growing Lemon Trees (1 video)