Hey folks. Today’s question for the video is can microgreens be turned into a business or a side hustle? And the answer is yes. Absolutely yes.

It’s been said that right now microgreens is one of the most profitable legally grown crops in the country, and just a little bit of research that I’ve been doing, I’ve seen microgreens selling for up to $25 a pound. That’s pretty amazing. And the pounds add up fairly quickly depending on the type of microgreens that we’re growing. The sunflowers and the peas add up pretty fast.

So turning it into a business in your area, you may have endless opportunities. You could start thinking about that idea of where you can market them, the restaurants, the farmer’s markets. Start looking around. Even in small areas, I shouldn’t say large areas, even in rural areas like my little town of Beach that’s right over there, Beach, North Dakota, they have a farmer’s market that will be starting very soon, and you could look at the ones in your area.

There is the grocery store, there is the manor, there is a couple of food co-ops, there are loads of people that buy … they have a fruit trucked in from Azure, all the way from the West Coast. We had some of that done this year. Korina and I had some stuff brought in, and Korina had actually ordered it, and with the cold weather it didn’t turn out quite so well. But the point being is that there is always food coming in, and once the word gets out, even in small areas, in rural areas, you could turn it into a huge business.

So I stand corrected on saying restaurants and whatnot, but there are restaurants … like here were I live, I could travel 37 miles one way, 60 another, it sounds like a stretch, but when you get large enough and have enough microgreen customers, that is very doable, you put it in coolers and you can cool it for a few days, and then transport it and make your deliveries. And a lot of the method of order taking with chefs is by email, you take your orders, and then as as you deliver, as the delivery time comes, you go around and you take a day and make all those deliveries.

So yes, we’re going to be talking next about, probably in a day or so, a couple of different things, what are the needed tools to grow microgreens, how much does it cost to start a microgreen business? So yes, we can take microgreens and turn it into a very lucrative side hustle very inexpensively. And we’re going to show you how to do that.

So with that, my name is Steve Szudera, I’m founder of Tabletop Farmer. Thanks for watching. Leave a comment below and we’ll look forward to talking to you again real soon.

About the author 

Steve Szudera

Hello, my name is Steve Szudera, a third-generation farmer from western North Dakota with over 35 years of no-till farming experience building and maintaining soil health. My no-till practices today came as a result of frustrations with wind and water erosion and the soil being depleted of moisture and nutrients of years prior when my father tilled the soil.

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