No Till Farming & Gardening for Nutrient Rich Soil

Save Soil, Save Money, and Grow Healthy

We’re not your run of the mill no till educators. Our method, developed by Steve Szudera, eliminates back-breaking work, eliminates weeding, conserves 75% water usage, and saves you a ton of money, all while ensuring you have the nutrient rich soil that will produce the highest quality food.

Our Specialized No Till Farming Method Solves Age Old Problems

Gardening has become a way of life for some people or at least one of their annual practices and they’re basically everywhere you look. People are wanting a better source of food, the joy and pleasure of growing your own, the peace of mind of knowing the origin of food, and even in some cases to help with family food budgets.

Yet each season of growing results in soil depleted of nutrients, which in turn lowers the quality of your crop. Purchasing more soil amendments or moving your crops is only a temporary measure and can end up costing your more time and money than it’s worth.

Until now everything you’ve learned about the old-fashioned traditional way of gardening is about to change. Steve Szudera, long time experience farmer, has developed a method of no till farming that eliminates backbreaking work, eliminates the need to purchase new products each year, eliminates disease on tender plants, and conserves 75% of water needed, in addition to other benefits.

Whether you have a indoor garden, a raised bed garden, or a farm, our method of soil preservation ensures your garden will maintain optimal health from season to season.


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